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At the Indian School of Design (INSD), our vibrant calendar is packed with diverse events that inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and provide invaluable industry insights. Our Annual Design Fest is a celebration of innovation and artistry, showcasing the best projects and creations from our talented students through fashion shows, exhibitions, and interactive installations. INSD regularly hosts guest lectures and workshops conducted by leading figures in the design world, offering students the chance to learn from experts and stay updated with the latest trends. Our Industry Connect Programs bridge the gap between academia and the professional world, providing internships, live projects, and networking opportunities with industry leaders. Cultural and social events, such as festive celebrations, talent shows, charity drives, and community service activities, promote a sense of camaraderie and social responsibility. Additionally, we conduct competitions and hackathons to stimulate competitive spirit and problem-solving skills, challenging students to push their boundaries and innovate. Each event at INSD is carefully curated to enrich the student experience, making their time at INSD both educational and unforgettable.

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